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  • Vienna Teng at Parkside Lounge

    Ignorance is bliss, at least it was last night. 🙂 On March 14th, our friend @HappyBee3 tweeted the following: Wow nice line up! RT @chrisayer: Added NYC show March 23 w/ @viennateng & Rachael Sage at Parkside Lounge! I had never heard of Parkside Lounge before, but I made a mental note to […]

  • Rachael Sage and Michelle Citrin at Joe’s Pub

    The world puts out breadcrumbs and we follow them. Some people don’t notice, others notice but don’t care. One of the more intense paths that we’ve followed began with Alex Berger posting a YouTube video from a concert we attended. After establishing a Twitter and Facebook relationship with Alex, we finally met in […]