So close, and yet, so far…

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Well, the semi-final started at 8pm. 1931 entrants, top 100 move on to the final, so roughly 5% make it…

When there were 184 left, I was in 82nd, so it was looking possible, if not probable. Then I went card dead. When there were 113 left, I was in 113th.

Still, I got A3 offsuit (a horrible hand, but better than nothing), and shoved all my chips in. Everyone folded except the big blind, who had to call, because it was only 400 more chips for him (which is the problem with having a very short stack). Anyway, he had J8 offsuit. The first card off the deck was an A, so I was looking great. No J and no 8 on the flop, yippee! Unfortunately, both the turn and the river were 8’s (what a joke), and I was out in 113th.

Like I said in the title, so close and yet so far.

Still, I played for free for 8 hours in total, and had a blast.

One hand worth mentioning, just for fun. Early on, I had roughly 1700 chips. I had JT of hearts. The flop came 9h Jc Qh, so I flopped an open-ended straight flush. One guy bets 200, and I call, and one other calls too. The turn is the 8h, so I make the straight flush. Now I’m praying someone has the A high flush, and the other has a straight. 😉

First guy bets 200 again, I call, third guy calls again.

River is a another Q. First guy checks, I bet, third guy raises, first guy folds, I re-raise all-in, and he calls. I assume he has a flush, or possibly even a full-house, or at the very least, a straight. Nope, he has three Q’s. Go figure. Anyway, I had over 4000 chips after that hand, and was able to sustain that through another 1200 people, before finally busting out. Nice hand, bad overall result…



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