Sharing thoughts that no one will read…

  • Alison Krauss is Awesome

    Last night Lois and I went to see Alison Krauss and Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas at the Beacon Theater in NYC. We went with our friends who took us to see Harry Connick Jr. at Radio City Music Hall. We were all looking forward to a wonderful dinner at Ruby Foos first. […]

  • July 2007 Poker Summary

    So, I just finished the month on a reasonable high note, coming 3rd out of 108 players in an Omaha Hi-Lo tourney. I was the leader going in to the final table, and when there were 7 left, I was in last (one really bad hand, very poorly played on my part!). So, […]

  • Final Sunday July 2007 Poker Update

    Well, got to play a bit of poker this week, but it didn’t go so well. I will still wait until the end of the month (just two more days) to report more generally. Yesterday, I played in a qualifier to get into the big one tonight. Ironically, we were supposed to have […]

  • July 2007 Poker Streak Finally Ends

    Oh well, it had to happen. I went a week without playing any poker while we were down at Zope. Then we had an unscheduled business meeting in NYC that was too important to miss, so we cut our trip to Zope short by a week. The side benefit was that I got […]

  • July Poker Roll Continues ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, we drove from NY to VA today. Most of the ride was good and uneventful, until we hit Springfield, which was at a dead stop, as it often is… Took an extra 30 minutes to get to the hotel. All in all, I guess we can’t complain. Spent a number of hours […]

  • Just another July Poker update ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I had an all-day out-of-the-office meeting yesterday. When I got home, after catching up on emails, etc., I finally got to enter my nightly $22 Omaha Hi-Lo tourney. 95 entrants, top 10 paid. I was holding my own for a while, and then when there were 40 players left, ran into some bad […]

  • July Poker Interim Update

    Well, as expected, I’ve given back a bit of money so far (nothing too material). That said, I’ve played in a number of qualifiers, and I’m doing reasonably well. Not always making the next round, but mostly yes. For example, a month or two ago, I reported on playing in a free qualifier […]

  • July Poker begins with a Bang!

    Pretty good day at the poker machine today. ๐Ÿ™‚ Started at noon. I entered a qualifier for $21.50 to win a seat for today’s $200k tourney. But, you ask, didn’t you already win a seat for that? Yes. If you already have a free seat, and earn another one, they simply give you […]

  • June 2007 Poker Summary

    Well, there have been quite a number of poker updates in June, so I’m thinking of not doing exactly the same type of statistical update I normally do at the end of a month. Since I doubt any of my readers really care (I usually do it for myself, to have an easy […]

  • Short June Poker Update

    Didn’t get to play for a week, because we were down at Zope, and then had a wedding over the weekend. Got back to NY yesterday, and got to play a little last night. Played in my usual $22 Omaha Hi-Lo tourney. 104 entrants, paid to 20th. I finished 21st. Bummer… This afternoon, […]