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  • Morgan Holland at Rockwood Music Hall

    I just posted about John Schmitt at Rockwood Music Hall. At the end of his set, he implored us all to stick around for the next set, headlined by Morgan Holland. He didn’t need to implore us, or even inform us. Morgan’s set was on our schedule from the day I found out […]

  • Matt Simons and Chris Ayer at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    Last night, Matt Simons and his friends threw him(self) a birthday party at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2. Rather than sit in the audience and have others perform for him, Matt chose to work on his birthday (midnight, this morning). Chris Ayer opened the show at 11pm on the dot (highly unusual for […]

  • Chris Ayer, Barnaby Bright, John Schmitt and Morgan Holland at Jammin Java

    It’s great to see a show you know you’re going to like because you like a number of the artists. It’s even better for that to come true and have very pleasant discoveries/surprises thrown in for good measure. Jammin’ Java had the show listed as Chris Ayer headlining, supported by Barnaby Bright and […]

  • Morgan Holland, Chris Ayer and Matt Simons at Rockwood Music Hall

    Morgan Holland had her EP Release Party last night at Rockwood Music Hall. She invited most of the people who performed on the EP to play with her last night. Two of them opened for Morgan before joining her in the extended (two hour) set. Chris Ayer was first up. We’ve only seen […]

  • Vienna Teng at Parkside Lounge

    Ignorance is bliss, at least it was last night. 🙂 On March 14th, our friend @HappyBee3 tweeted the following: Wow nice line up! RT @chrisayer: Added NYC show March 23 w/ @viennateng & Rachael Sage at Parkside Lounge! I had never heard of Parkside Lounge before, but I made a mental note to […]