Month: January 2011

  • Big Apple Singers at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    I started the first of four posts tonight (this being the 4th and final one) with a question as to whether this night would turn out to be as epic as I expected. If you read posts #2 and #3, you’ll know that there were enough frustrations to make that highly unlikely. That […]

  • Derek James at Rockwood Music Hall

    I have been waiting (not so patiently) for a chance to see Derek James perform again. Lois has been waiting even longer. We saw him for the first time on July 22nd at Flux Studios. Then I saw him without Lois on September 1st at Rockwood Music Hall stage 2. Both shows were […]

  • The Ramblers at the Living Room

    This is post #2 of the evening. #1 was about Sarah Jarosz and Alex Hargreaves and can be read here. Under normal circumstances, we would have stayed at Rockwood and caught Leslie Mendelson at the 9pm set. We’d never heard her before, but we were planning to be at Rockwood 1 for the […]

  • Sarah Jarosz and Alex Hargreaves at Rockwood Music Hall

    This week was perhaps the most live-music-filled one in our lives. It seemed fitting that we expected an epic ending to the week on our last night in NYC for a couple of weeks. You’ll have to read four separate posts to know if the reality lived up to the dream. This is […]

  • The Narwhals at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    After back-to-back sets at Rockwood Music Hall stage 1 we headed the three feet next door to Rockwood 2 to see a (newly formed?) band called The Narwhals. That link is directly to Josh Dion’s own site (a hard to read one, I’m afraid). Don’t search for a band site by that name […]

  • Mike Campbell and Jerry Fuentes at Rockwood Music Hall

    Another day, another very late night, again the need/desire to split the music into two posts. First up, back-to-back sets at Rockwood Music Hall. The sets were related in that both headliners performed one song on the other’s set, and each had the same special guest appear. Otherwise, nothing remotely similar about the […]

  • Dennis Lichtman and Mona’s Hot Four

    This post is really a continuation of the previous one, but I was so blown away by my experience that I felt it needed to stand on its own. They link to each other at the appropriate head and tail ends for those that want to read through the night as a single […]

  • Chasing Violet and Michael Daves at Rockwood Music Hall

    Once again, Twitter delivers. I’ve mentioned it before, I’ll mention it again, follow the artists that you like on Twitter, you never know when you’ll find out about something that you might otherwise never hear about. For a few months now, Melissa Tong has been telling me that I need to see Michael […]

  • Soul Revue Benefit at The Bitter End

    I’m rarely at a loss for words. Unluckily for those who intend to make it to the bottom of this post, this won’t be one of those rare times either. But, it’s still unusual, because simply following my normal structure of mentioning every single performer won’t do justice to what happened last night. […]

  • The Grascals at Highline Ballroom

    When a band plans a tour there is very little wiggle room in any given city. They’re generally on the move all night (if they have a professional bus driver), or all day (if they’re driving themselves). There are many things you can’t control when planning months in advance. Two such things are […]