Month: March 2010

  • Amy Rivard at Metropolitan Room

    We’ve seen Amy Rivard perform twice before. I covered those in blog posts that you can read here and here. One was a Livestrong fundraiser and the other an intimate set in a small club in Astoria. Last night was Amy’s official NYC Cabaret debut at the beautiful Metropolitan Room. Here’s what I […]

  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at The Public Theater

    I am about to be pretty harsh in my review of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson which we saw last night at The Public Theater. If you’re a fan of the show, you might want to turn away now. If you don’t like reading anything critical of anything or anybody, turn away now. I […]

  • Lost and Found Karma

    In 2000, my most trusted device was my Blackberry. This was before Blackberrys were also cell phones. This was only an email device. It was perfect for my needs, and I loved it. I went on a trip to San Francisco and I knew before I left that my belt clip was very […]

  • CMA Writers Series at Joe’s Pub

    Last night was our (lucky?) 13th time at a CMA Songwriters Series show at Joe’s Pub. There was a very special guest star, announced well in advance, which made them sell out even sooner than they usually do (and they always sell out!). In order to give the special guest, Dierks Bentley a […]

  • Vienna Teng, Rosi Golan and Ari Hest at Rockwood Music Hall

    On Tuesday night we saw Vienna Teng perform at Parkside Lounge. I detailed the show in this post. Two points to carry over from that night: 1) Vienna tailored the set list for the audience/venue and 2) She played 100% solo. Last night showed her flexibility in mixing it up. If you’re a […]

  • Vienna Teng at Parkside Lounge

    Ignorance is bliss, at least it was last night. 🙂 On March 14th, our friend @HappyBee3 tweeted the following: Wow nice line up! RT @chrisayer: Added NYC show March 23 w/ @viennateng & Rachael Sage at Parkside Lounge! I had never heard of Parkside Lounge before, but I made a mental note to […]

  • Girlyman at Southern Cafe

    Another night, another Girlyman concert. This one was in Charlottesville, at the relatively new The Southern Cafe. This used to be Gravity Lounge. It changed hands and was gutted on the inside. Last night was the final show in the current East Coast tour for Girlyman. I can only imagine how exhausted they […]

  • Girlyman at Jammin Java

    Last night was our 14th time seeing Girlyman perform. Tonight will be our 15th and I’ll write about that tomorrow. 🙂 From March to October each year, we tend to see Girlyman in bursts, keeping our need/desire in check. Most years, we have a Girly-drought from October to March. It’s a rough patch, […]

  • NginX and WordPress OpenID Plugin

    I normally have super powers when it comes to persevering through annoying technical problems. On rare occasions, Kryptonite appears out of nowhere and strips me of those powers. This blog is powered by software. I use a variety of plugins to make my life a bit easier. One of my favorites is […]

  • Ian Axel at Joe’s Pub

    We’ve seen Ian Axel perform three full sets before, plus a few songs at the New York Sings for Haiti benefit and some guest appearances. Still, we were looking forward to last night with great anticipation. Joe’s Pub is our favorite NYC spot to see a show, and Ian is one of our […]