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  • Chris Ayer, Rebecca Haviland and Chris Anderson at a House Concert

    Two weeks ago I announced that we were no longer involved with Zope Corporation. That was supposed to mean not driving up and down I95 every month. Apparently, our love of music and friends didn’t get the message. Lindsie Davis runs regular house concerts. We’ve been lucky to have attended three of them […]

  • Chris Ayer, Matt Simons and Adam Barnes at Rockwood Music Hall

    Chris Ayer, Matt Simons and Adam Barnes have toured together in the UK and Europe a couple of times. March saw Adam crossing the pond to tour the US with Chris and Matt (by now you should have figured out that Adam is the Brit of the three). Last night they headlined a […]

  • Chris Ayer at Rockwood Music Hall

    Chris Ayer announced a show at Rockwood Music Hall with the following tweet: chrisayer Chris Ayer Show tonight in NYC! Rockwood 8p: playing brand new songs w/ @CAndersonbass @matt_simons & @adamchristgau that we’re recording today.excited We already had it on the calendar for a while, but didn’t know it would be a full […]

  • Matt Simons, Chris Ayer and Ryan Vaughn at The Cupping Room Cafe

    Many of the musicians that we see regularly tour all over the US and Europe. In addition to playing the kinds of shows we attend, a number of them also play semi-regularly at local bars and restaurants. We new that Matt Simons serenades the diners at The Cupping Room Café, often with guest […]

  • Chris Ayer and Matt Simons at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2

    Chris Ayer and Matt Simons were scheduled to have back-to-back full sets at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 last Saturday night (8/27/2011). Hurricane Irene had a different plan for NYC that night. Rockwood, along with nearly every other business in NYC, shut down for the weekend, canceling a highly anticipated night out for […]

  • Chris Ayer at Rockwood Music Hall

    Chris Ayer just returned from touring the UK and Europe. We missed him while he was gone, though it might sound protectionist if I publicly admit that we didn’t want to share him with the rest of the world. Matt Simons, one of Chris’ partners-in-crime toured with him, but wasn’t in town last […]

  • Another Amazing Weekend

    This was our third consecutive weekend hosting out-of-town visitors. Since the last two were fantastic, the bar was set high for this one. Don’t worry, we cleared it. When our friends (parents of our godchildren and our closest friends for nearly 30 years!) asked whether this weekend would be a good one for […]

  • Chris Ayer at The Living Room

    Topping off an extraordinary night of music was one of our favorites, Chris Ayer. For those of you who are new here, you might require proof that Chris is one of our favorites. Luckily, I can provide that. Two weeks ago we hosted our first house concert. We wanted a solo, guitar slinging […]

  • Sierra Noble at The Living Room

    In what is obviously becoming a regular occurrence, we discover new musicians in the following cycle: 1) they perform side-person duties with someone we regularly see, 2) we see some mini-set where they headline a portion, 3) we see them perform a full set of their own, falling madly in love with them […]

  • Matt Simons at The Living Room

    We’ve seen quite a bit of Matt Simons in the past few months, but they’ve all been in his exceptional role as sideman for a number of other artists who we follow. It’s been four months since we’ve seen him headline a set. Thankfully, that drought ended last night at The Living Room. […]